We offer a variety of vaccines to our clients. However, we do not believe that all vaccines are necessary. In fact, many can be harmful. Our theories on vaccinations are controversial, to say the least, because many vets and pharmaceutical companies make large profits on yearly vaccinations.

Did you know that human vaccine labeling is under FDA control, but animal vaccination labeling is not? The FDA regulates human vaccines and does not invoke federal privilege to indemnify human vaccine manufacturers from liability in state courts. However, interestingly the government agency which oversees veterinary vaccines DOES invoke federal privilege to limit animal vaccine manufactures from liability in state courts. Therefore, when adverse reactions occur with veterinary vaccines there is no "deep pocket" to tap for liability.

Listed below are our thoughts on various vaccines. At this time, we only offer five vaccines because they are the only vaccines that are backed by scientific evidence to prove effective and non harmful to the animal.

We offer the following Canine vaccines:
Canine Distemper Vaccine
Canine Parvo Vaccine
Canine Hepatitis Vaccine
Canine Parainfluenza Vaccine
Rabies Vaccine

We offer the following Feline Vaccines:
Feline Distemper Vaccine
Feline Herpes Vaccine
Feline Calci Vaccine
Rabies Vaccine

We do not offer the following vaccines because they are not scientifically proven effective and non-harmful to the animal.

Dog Vaccines
Canine bordetella vaccine
(aka kennel cough vaccine)

Cat Vaccines
Feline aids
Feline Infectious Peritonitis
Feline Bordetella Vaccine
(aka kennel cough vaccine)

You can read about our views on vaccines by reading our Vaccination Article. You can read about each vaccine that we do not offer below. We do not offer these vaccine because they are either harmful to the patient or they are not proven to be scientifically needed (i.e. there is no study that proves that the benefits outweigh the costs).

Note that the charges for vaccinations at my office are always included in the price of exam. Did you know that the retail cost of annual vaccinations sold to vets is usually less than $1, yet is often sold to the public for over $50? Even individual vaccines sold in feed stores and supply catalogues for dogs and cats should only cost the public a few dollars. We provide a free rabies vaccine included in the price of an office visit ($30) if you bring in your Palm Beach County rabies renewal postcard.