Spay & Neutering

Usually there is no cost for the spay or neutering surgery because it is government subsidized. Note that there are benefits and risk associated with the cost of spay and neutering. Chemical neutering is available for $50 at our hospital.

Dr. Malernee finds that most clients now choose non surgical options for their pets. Although promoted as needed for every pet in the USA, many progressive countries in Europe now consider sterilization by surgical body part removal procedures optional. Dr. Malernee will help you make an informed decision by providing information to you in writing about the benefits, risks and cost of surgical or chemical sterilization and help you determine what procedure (if any) is in your and your pet's best interest.

If your animal is in need of surgery for spay or neutering, we can provide the service. If you are in need of a second opinion, we can refer you to another Palm Beach County boarded surgeon. The highest cost would be approximately $400, and we currently have two vet boarded surgeons in Palm Beach County for those clients who wish to get a second opinion about the surgery from a surgery specialist.