Veterinarian Treatments

We offer a variety of treatments, which are listed below. Click on each category to learn more about our Boca Raton and Delray Veterinarian services.

Vet Consultations

Exam and consultations with Dr. Malernee range from a minimum of $20 to a maximum of $50, depending on time spent by Dr. Malernee helping you and your pet. Any exam of one hour will cost $50. Any follow-up exam consultation with the doctor less than 15 minutes would cost $20. Please email your questions and your pets medical history to us before each visit.

Spay & Neutering

Usually there is no cost for the spay or neutering surgery because it is government subsidized. Note that there are benefits and risk associated with the cost of spay and neutering. Chemical neutering is now available for $50 at our hospital. Learn More.


Boca Raton veterinarian Dr. Malernee offers a variety of surgical services. Our surgical practice is not just limited to spay and neuter. Lump removals are our most common surgery and can be done on an out-patient basis. C-sections are common with small dogs, such as Yorkshire terriers. Controversial cosmetic surgery such as ear crops and DE-claws are also done. We offer a second opinion on any orthopedic surgery that has been advised for your pet at no charge.


Dr. Malernee can test your dog, cat or animal for a variety of problems. He offers testing for lumps and bumps. The clinic also offers testing for parasites and heartworms. Dr. Malernee has an x-ray machine on site, along with a EKG unit and ultrasound. Learn More.


Just like humans, dogs and cats need regular dental cleanings. In fact, unless you brush your dog's teeth daily, he or she is in need of regular dental check-ups. Gum disease can be prevented with fluoride and dental cleanings. Learn More.


We offer a variety of vaccines to our clients. However, we do not believe that all vaccines are necessary. In fact, many can be harmful. Our theories on vaccinations are controversial, to say the least, because many vets and pharmaceutical companies make large profits on yearly vaccinations. Learn More.

Boarding & Grooming

Need a place to leave Fido for the weekend? Is your Poodle looking more like a Bearded Collie? Let Boca Raton veterinarian Dr. Malernee and Atlantic Animal Hospital take care of your pet during the week, weekend, on holidays or special events. In addition to offering a full range of high-quality boarding services, we can properly groom your pet to exacting standards. Learn More.