Dr. Malernee can test your dog, cat or animal for a variety of problems.

Lump & Bump Testing Cost
Fine Needle Aspirate Biopsy $40.00
Cytology $15.00 to $20.00
Cytology review by outside lab if needed $50.00
Histopath Biopsy by outside lab $50.00

Intestinal Parasite Testing


Fecal Float $15.00
Fecal Smear $12.00
Fecal Cytology $12.00
Fecal Culture $75.00
Fecal Gram Stain $12.00
See Article regarding parasite testing.

Heartworm Testing

Testing can be of benefit when a positive result is not likely to be a false positive (i.e. when the test shows the dog has heartworms, but in fact the dog does not have heartworms.) Arsenic treatments have NOT been shown to be better for your pet than no treatment at all. Meaning that it may be better to not treat your animal at all, then treat the dog with Arsenic.

Heart worm testing is under the following circumstances because of false positive testing, overall cost, and limited benefit to the dog. Please remember that dogs with under 20 adult heartworms rarely have any clinical symptoms and most dogs with heartworms have under 20 adult worms.

  1. Annual heartworm testing in asymptomatic dogs and cats on common brands of macrolid heartworm medication;
  2. Testing before starting most heartworm medications in asymptomatic dogs not at high risk; or
  3. Testing in order to justify treatment with ANY arsenic heartworm medications.

Please note that the majority of the vet profession is promoting annual heartworm checks be done on those animals with a history of solid heartworm prevention. However, the promotion budget and testing budget are paid for by funds donated by the company making the heartworm test and are not scientifically based.

Our costs for the heartworm treatment are as follows:

Microfilaria Heartworm $13.00
Occult Heartworm $20.00

See the Article regarding Heartworm Testing.

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Advanced Testing

Dr. Malernee has three x-ray machines: (i) one made just for taking dental x-rays of dogs and cats, (ii) one portable for emergency films at surgery table, and (iii) one 300 ma with built in lift table for large dogs. In addition, Dr. Malernee can perform EKG's and Ultrasounds on your animals to diagnose their problems. Our costs are as follows:

EKG $50.00
EKG follow up $40.00

Ultrasound and X-Rays evaluated
by boarded radiologist

X-ray large plate $58.00
X-ray medium and small plate $45.00
Multiple views dental x-rays $40.00
Barium study large $100.00
Barium study small $70.00
Contrast urography $30.00