Products & Drugs For Animals

We offer a variety of animal products to meet your needs, including the following:

Exam and consultations with Dr. Malernee range from a minimum of $20 to a maximum of $50, depending on time spent by Dr. Malernee helping you and your pet. Any exam of one hour will cost $50. Any follow-up exam consultation with the doctor less than 15 minutes would cost $20. Please email your questions and your pets medical history to us before each visit.

Dr. Malernee supports national laws that require vets to write prescriptions during the office visit. This law allows the client the option of filling the prescription at another time or place, other then just during the immediate office visit. Your physician should not force you to buy your prescriptions from him and neither should your vet.

If Dr. Malernee prescribes a prescription medication for your pet, he will print a drug information label for you. If you buy the medication at the end of the visit, the label will be put on the medication vial. If you want to wait and wish not to buy the medication from Dr. Malernee, he will then incorporate the label into a signed prescription for you to take home in case you wish to purchase it at a later time from our office, from a local Walgreens, over the internet, or at some other location.

Prescription Foods
If needed, Dr. Malernee will provide written prescriptions for certain food for dogs and cats. Note that data from studies show that using single source diets for maintenance food is a risk factor for causing disease. This is why Purina People Chow will never be promoted and sold to you to be used as your single source of food.

You and your pet like variety in your diet for a reason. Variety in the diet is important for good health. We sell single source prescription diets to be used for treating disease for "limited times only." They should only be used short term when they can take the place of a needed medication or surgery. We do not tell you to buy food from us for maintenance and feed only that food. Data from consumer reports studies show you should buy maintenance pet food at Walmart and your grocery store, not a pet shop or vet hospital. Our costs are as follows:

Canned prescription diets cost about $1.00 a pound
Dry prescription diets cost about $1.50 a pound

We have prescription diets in stock for:

  • Stone dissolving
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Low fat high fiber diet
  • Kidney diet
  • Food allergy diets
  • We will soon stock a new low carb high protein diet

We have the formula for almost all prescription diets sold by vets. Sometimes it is better for you to make these diets from scratch rather than buy them from us. We will let you know this. Fresh ingredients may cost more and take time to prepare at home, but they can taste better. Adding preservatives will not be necessary to keep the diet fresh because you can store the food in the refrigerator.

Drugs & Vaccines
We offer a variety of drugs and vaccines for sale, including the following antibiotics. For a complete list, please call our office:

Amoxidrops 30ml 50mg/ml $18.21
Dog Cipro (Baytril) 14 chewable tablets $17.60
Pred 20 mg ten tablets $10.60
CortioSteriods - The benefit of cortioseriods can be life saving. The risk can be a cause of cataracts, diabetes, weight gain, increase thirst, and/or bladder infections Call for pricing

Learn More about Vaccines.