Medical Record Release for Pets

To obtain your pet's medical records, please follow these instructions.

1. Written Authorization Required - No Exceptions
Written authorization to release the records from the client (the owner) is required. This is a Florida state law requirement and no exceptions will be made.

2. Information To Include in the Written Request
The written authorization must include:

- Name of the Pet
- Name of the Owner
- Owner's Telephone Number
- Owner's Address

The information on file at our office must match your request before records are released.

3. Email Authorization to
Please send authorization to We will confirm receipt of the request. If we do not confirm receipt within 24 hours, please email or call us again.

4. 48-Hour Turnaround Time
It is our office policy to send the records within 48 Hours, excluding weekends and holidays at no charge. We will send the records to the email address of the request. If you do not receive the records within 48 hours, please call our office.

Our Fees



Office Visit


Pre-paid Fecal Test


Check up with Vaccines


Pre-paid Urinalysis


Heartworm Test






IV Fluids


Pain Injection


Antibiotic Injection


Cortisone Injection


Skin Scraping


Fungus Culture


Bacterial Culture


Blood Pressure and Blood Test Profile


EKG Stat


Fluids SQ


Fluids IV w/ Cath




Chem Blood Panel


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