informed consent information for leukemia vaccination

Electronic medical records (EMRs) hold great promise for improving the practice of evidence based medicine by facilitating communication between members of the health care team. The most profound influence of EMRs may lie in their ability to encourage clients' involvement in their own pets care.

informed consent information for leukemia vaccination

Postby malernee » Sun Dec 12, 2004 12:01 pm

leukemia vaccination has only be shown to be efficacious for kittens. Any vaccination of non kitten adult cats should provide the client with written informed consent information that vaccination would be at best investigational medical care. One should not vaccinate adult cats for leukemia without written client information that cats develop an age resistance to FELV disease. The pet vaccine industry and vets should fess up and tell the public leukemia vaccine efficacy trials of adult cats failed because the unvaccinated challenge cats could not be made sick without immuniosupressive drugs. Every time a cat is vaccinated for leukemia the chance of sarcoma cancer increases.
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