treating pyometra only with antibiotics

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treating pyometra only with antibiotics

Postby malernee » Fri Sep 22, 2006 7:56 am

Call for a study that shows the efficacy and cost effectiveness treating pyometra only with antibiotics.

Pyometra is successfully treated medically with hormones and surgically with uterus removal.

What % can be successfully treated with antibiotics alone? I have no data to give you. Below is a quote from a vet who edits an online vet only newsgroup where vets talk in private about treating pyometra. Vets may become annoyed when they advise surgery and the pyometra goes away with just antibiotics. Surgery can run over a thousand USA dollars.

quote from vet member only newsgroup editor.

"Last one we treated medically was with flouroquinolones and annoyingly did
well and didn;t recur after next cycle.. don't know what happened after that
'cos I sacked the client who had been horrible for years and I finally had
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