71% drop in income when vet stops vaccinating yearly

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71% drop in income when vet stops vaccinating yearly

Postby guest » Thu Oct 16, 2003 7:20 pm

Median number of transactions per vet per year in 1997 was 5,102.
· Median gross income per vet in 1997 was $305,000 for a one- person practice.
· Net-income median for a one-vet practice before owner's compensation as a percentage of gross income was 26.8%. Assuming $305,000, that would be$87,300 for the average 1-vet practice.
· Average transaction charge is $58.41 per vet in a one-vet operation.

If 1,125 transactions for rabies vaccine would be lost here is the impact on the one-vet practice for the two years the dog doesn't get a rabies vaccine (assuming no replacement revenue).

· Transactions go from 5,102 to 3,887 or a 22% decline.
· Gross income falls (at $20 per shot plus $35 for an office visit) by $62,000 from $305,000 to $243,000.
· Net median-income per vet in a one-vet situation could drop from $87,000 to $25,000 or by 71%!

And this is only if dogs were inoculated for rabies on a three-year cycle. The impact magnifies with cats going three years on the shot.

Source: "Financial and Productivity Pulsepoints: Comprehensive Survey and Analysis of Performance Benchmarks:Vital Statistics For Your Veterinary Practice," published by the American Animal Hospital Association, 1998.


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