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vaccine site infection

Postby drm » Mon Sep 08, 2003 3:59 pm

name: xx
animal: weimaraner dog

phone: xxxxxx
question: On Monday my dog got his rabies abd distemper vaccines. I had to rush him to our vet on Thurs. because he was so ill he could not move. His bloodwork showed an infection in his neck. His white blood cells were up to 33,000. It has been almost a week on antibiotics, and he still favors his neck. They told me it was unrelated to his vaccines, however, the infection settled in the same place he had them. I want to know if his infection was brought on by the use of unsterile equipment? My vet will not take responsibility. Thank you for your time.

my answer

If your vet sterilizes and reuses syringes and needles then the problem could be non sterile equipment. Most doctors in the USA has stopped the practice of reusing syringes and needles.
good luck,
art malernee dvm

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