organized vet medical group promoting unproven medical care

Medical guidelines should insists on proof that time-honored medical practices and procedures that cost money and may harm or kill patients are actually effective. This Forum is about how to force organized veterinary medicine to issue Evidence Based Guidelines.

organized vet medical group promoting unproven medical care

Postby malernee » Fri Apr 23, 2004 6:22 am

read how evidence basers are being slandered in the press by English organized vet medicine calling us homeopathic vets.

Below is an email from a cat renal failure yahoo newsgroup sent to me. The CRF group is for the public but as you can see messages with hyperlinks to evidence based care are unaccountably edited out so members only see what hyperlinks editors of the newsgroup want members to see. Members of medical groups that promote unproven medical care that takes the publics money and kills pets will try to muzzle whistle blower members that want to provide scientific evidence that the medical care the group promotes has not been proven to work. Its what medical groups do to whistle blower members if the group wants to promote unproven medical care.

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