informed consent rabies vaccination

Electronic medical records (EMRs) hold great promise for improving the practice of evidence based medicine by facilitating communication between members of the health care team. The most profound influence of EMRs may lie in their ability to encourage clients' involvement in their own pets care.

informed consent rabies vaccination

Postby malernee » Sat Sep 18, 2004 8:23 pm

If the vet profession was doing their job and giving the public written scientific informed consent when revaccinating they would provide written evidence dogs and cats only need one or two rabies shots.

The third serial rabies revaccination is just another UN scientific, AVMA religious ritualistic animal abuse medical practice, to make money at the animals expense. ... c784e3d1f4

Animal abuse problems in the vet profession begin with vet school training. ... ?p=394#394

and vets who whistle blow are muzzled like those at the AVMA convention and slandered when elected vet officers think they can get away with it.

Pet owners should be informed they can avoid revaccination with rabies waiver letters written by their vet.

Vets should be giving client's informed consent wavier option information when vaccinating for rabies. ITS THEIR JOB. I know of no place in the USA where rabies waivers are not allowed unless the owner is transporting dogs and cats into an area. For example when bringing dogs into the state of Hawaii.

The vets say they are confused about the laws they help make

so they can get away with failing to give proper informed consent about the option for getting a rabies wavier letter rather than vaccination in Secret system that hides the concerns of the pet owner.

booster vaccines do not booster immunity in adult dogs and cats

a local florida government may not establish requirements that would mandate revaccination of currently vaccinated animals If a new senate bill is passed. ... ?p=609#609
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