Sidewiki and Yelp

A new Google tool " sidewiki " allows Internet users to make public comments about the sites they visit, visible alongside Web pages, and the capability has Web site owners, including some veterinarians, anxious about the tool’s impact on their reputations. The impact of such a review could be damaging to a veterinarian and any other business or professional with a Web presence. Veterinary Crtitics say “Google is trying to take interactivity away from the source and centralize it”. Google has been reported to have tried buying for a half a billion dollars. Until they do I will continue to use both Sidewiki and Yelp to communicate evidence and to refer the public back to this forum where it is not necessary to register with a centralized source for interactivity. I will do my best to remove the spam from this forum but may not be able to do it as effectively as Sidewiki and Yelp.

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