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Delray Emergency Vet Services

We can properly diagnose your dog, cat, or pet and perform emergency surgery on weekdays or weekends.  In the event of an accident, please contact us immediately via the phone. Time is of the essence during any emergency.

While Dr. Malernee makes every effort to assist you personally, note that Palm Beach County emergency clinics are no longer owned by local veterinarians, but have been sold to national veterinary corporations. When Delray emergency vet Dr. Malernee is not in town and you call him on his cell phone, he may need to refer you to these clinics if your pet’s problem needs immediate care.

In addition to performing emergency services, Dr. Malernee and his employees can care for your pet during the night after the emergency while your pet is recovering from surgery. If choose to board your animal with us, it will not left alone in recovery or in a boarding cage. We will be on premise during the night to care for the animal and respond to any continuing emergencies.

The cost of a Delray emergency vet visit starts at $60 before midnight $100 after midnight, plus the price of treatments. Please note that the total average emergency transaction fees run about $350 per visit and the cost of doctor care over night is $75. Please be prepared to pay in advance for these services.